Creative Kids Summer Camps

  • €110,00

The Creative Kids Summer Camps are all set to be amazing, and there are TWO dates to choose from! 10th-13th July OR 7th-10th August. As always, our focus will be on self acceptance, self compassion and self love. We will cover a range of arts and crafts, with some mindful practices and loads of fun!!!

When booking, please add one to cart for one child, add two to cart for two children etc, and at the checkout you can leave a comment with your child's name so that I can mark each child as payment received.

My mission is to boost children's self esteem through their creativity, while learning about self compassion and having fun 🥰

The focus is always on the joy and healing benefits of the art-making process, more than on the result (beautiful results are a bonus!). We will spark imagination and feel the energy of CREATIVE FREEDOM! Group members of all abilities are welcome here, and I encourage all to work at their own pace. Perfectionism is left at the door 😁

The Summer Camps will run from 10th-13th July 2023 10am-12.30pm, and 7th-10th August 2023 10am-12.30pm. The venue is the Midleton Family Resource Centre preschool facility at Sandy Walk, Broomfield Village, Midleton. Find it here on Google Maps 👇

Mid morning snacks will be included (probably fruit and granola bar), but you are more than welcome to send something different in with your child instead. They should also bring their own drink with them - gotta keep hydrated! There is a playground on site where I will supervise their breaktime fun (weather permitting) , so please bring a jacket if needs be 😊

Thank you for booking your child in with me for this high-vibe, creative Summer Camp, chockablock with feel-good crafty craic 🤩

Emer x
Creative Kids



Cancellations can be made via WhatsApp (on 0858350344) and refunds given *up to one week before the camp starts*. Please note, refunds will not be given after this.