Creative Flow - Adults

Creative Flow
In this 8 week art journaling circle, I will guide you through various prompts and enquiries, which you will express in your own authentic way in your art journal. It's medicine for your wellbeing 💛 There is absolutely no experience required, nor do you feel you have to possess what you deem to be artistic talent. It doesn't matter if you haven't picked up a paintbrush since school! We are going right back to the primal expression of creativity.
You may explore mark making, symbols, washes of colour or drawing pictures. Your expression is as unique as you are and there IS NO WRONG WAY TO DO THIS.  This is a pressure and judgement free zone!! I will guide, advise and support you along the way, but you are in the driving seat. This is your journey, you have full sovereignty over it. You don't need to prove yourself to anyone.
The beauty of this art therapy method, is that creative expression as a response to an enquiry can dig deeper than responding with thoughts or words alone. You bypass the language center of the brain to unlock information buried within. I can't tell you how often I have approached an art journalling session, thinking I know myself well enough to know the answer, only to discover layers and layers of hidden depths beyond my initial understanding. This is deep inner work if you are prepared to surrender to the process ♡
At the beginning of each session, I guide us on a creative visualisation (a meditative journey), where I will offer enquiries for you mull over, and guided processes. After the meditation, you will respond to the journey and the prompts in your own private art journal. It is a private, individual and authentic expression of YOU.
I do not look at people's journals unless they ask me to. I don't stand over you and teach. I sit in circle with the group and work in my own art journal, I am as much held within the safe, creative space as anyone else in the group. I keep a seat free next to me, in case anyone would like to come and discuss their work, get opinions or ask for advice. I am here to support you. I do not analyse your art journal, but I can guide you to analyse your own work if you feel called to do that. 
Due to the private nature of this work, there is no show and tell required, but you are more than welcome to share if you would like to. I also think that it is important to point out that this is not about creating beautiful art. Art journaling is very much all about the healing PROCESS of the art making in itself, and not about the end result. If your art journal looks beautiful, that's a bonus, but absolutely not important. Also, if you come to the group with a theme of your own that you would like to explore, rather than the prompts that I offer, that is absolutely perfect too. At all times, follow your gut.
Art journaling is an explorative inner process that allows you to access hidden details about yourself. It can help you to process heavy emotions, make decisions, access your inner strength, connect to your higher wisdom and so much more, all by exploring and playing in your art journal.
And apart from all that, this is a delicious way to practice self care. Each Wednesday evening we will gather together, chat, laugh and unwind after a busy day. That alone is a tonic, and I can't wait to share it with you.
For this 8 week journey, I provide all of the materials that you need, including the art journal itself. You will have a wide range of art materials to play with and explore, as you discover your own preferences and style. Each term will run in 8 week blocks, and there will be new explorations each time. Although to be honest, even if we covered the same material each term, there will be deeper layers uncovered each time! In fact I encourage all my groups to go back over the prompts themselves as it really is fascinating and empowering to discover what lies within. ♡
If you'd like to embark on this journey with me, or if you have any questions at all, please send me a WhatsApp message at 0858350344.
Le grá agus draíocht,
Emer x


Cancellations can be made via WhatsApp message on 0858350344, and refunds given *up to one week before the term starts*. Please note, refunds will not be given after this. I can roll your payment over to the next term ONLY if I find someone to take your cancelled place.