Creative Flow - Teens (11-16)

When running my kids creative mindfulness groups, I saw that there was nothing out there like this for teenagers. So I am now hosting a group for teens where we dive into the magic and medicine of art journaling. Zero pressure, just soul soothing  relaxation 💛 Art journaling is a deeply nurturing process of working in your own private sketchbook (no show-and-tell) using my guidance, questions, suggestions and prompts. I will demonstrate techniques but there is no real wrong way to do it 😊 I have facilitated these classes with adults and it was incredible, when I have more time I will do so again! You can find examples of my classes on the workshop section of my website. If your teens would like to connect to their inner artist and make some nourishing magic with me, please WhatsApp me at 0858350344. The group gathers on Wednesday evenings 6-7.30pm at Sandy Walk in Broomfield Village, Midleton.

Emer x


Teen art group