Beaded Sea Glass Necklace

  • €41,00

This Beaded Sea Glass Necklace features an absolutely dreamy piece of sea-worn and frosted stormy grey sea glass. I paired this with clear quartz and blue sunstone gemstones, which sparkle like the deepest, inky, star strewn night sky. There are also white tigers eye and synthetic indigo pearl beads. This collar of beads is clasped at the back with a length of chain. 15“ length around the neck. All of the metal used is hypoallergenic stainless steel which is non-tarnishing and perfect for sensitive-skinned sea goddesses! 

Ocean inspired jewellery infused with the magic and the energy energy of the sea. I know that so many people, like me, feel the call of the sea and the salty breeze in their soul. My aim is to bring a little slice of this Irish ocean magic to my customers ♡ 

We (my husband, daughters and I) adore searching for your treasures!

Browse the photos above to see the beachy Tidal Soul gift box that it will arrive in!


       WORLDWIDE P&P ONLY €4.00


- Genuine sea glass is an unusual moody grey colour

- Blue sunstone, clear quartz gemstones, tigers eye and pearl beads. 

- 15" length with hypoallergenic stainless steel chain and wire

At Tidal Soul Studio, I use recyclable and biodegradable packaging when sending out your parcels. So each time you purchase a piece from Tidal Soul Studio, you can be assured that you are playing a part in protecting our planet. Together we can make a difference.

Please get in touch if you would like a custom made piece, created especially for you!