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... Inspired by my own journey of Self Discovery and Self Expression

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Yes, you ARE creative!


There is not a doubt in my mind that, as humans, we are naturally creative beings. When I say this to people, I'm often met with scoffs of disbelief and attempts to convince me that such and such a person can't draw a straight line or has never held a paintbrush.

But since when has creativity been pigeonholed to drawing and painting?! Perhaps such and such a person (who can't draw a straight line) can bake a souffle fit to cushion an angel's behind? Or can curate a living room to rival the features in Image Interiors? Whatever it is that you can do with passion and flair, that's it! That's your unique expression of who you are and you need to nurture it.

Unique expression of who you are

How I fell into a trap...

Too many people fall into the trap of Work, Eat, Sleep, Repeat. I get it, the responsibilities of adulthood take over. It's all too common and I'm the first to admit that I'm guilty of it myself. (Cue rambling back story)... I had decided at 7 years old that I was going to be an artist when I grew up. I stuck by this and went on to do a degree in Fine Art. I was in my element!

The problem started after I graduated without the confidence or know-how to make it work 'in the real world'. To avoid the anxiety of failure I hid behind rehearsed excuses of 'not enough time', 'not enough space' etc etc etc. This went on for 9 years! I got married, had kids and forgot all about the passion I once had for art. Then one day, I realised I was no longer me. I had lost my me-ness (I swear it's a word!). I wasn't living a creative life. Work, Eat, Sleep, Repeat. I wanted more, I deserved more. I *was* more!

So, very tentatively, I set off on my creative journey and explored different avenues of self expression. My first attempts were awkward and forced, but looking back now I'm so grateful for them. They show me how far I've come.

Do more of what sets your soul on fire

Authenticity will make you HAPPY!

I've now built a business around my passion, connecting people to the power of the sea with my seaglass jewellery and contemporary seascapes (which I certainly didn't need my qualifications for, in case you were wondering!). I don't presume that everyone is going to, or wants to, make a business from their creativity like I did. But I wholeheartedly believe that, in order to be authentically YOU, you have to find (and practice) that thing that makes your soul sing. That thing that only you can do in your unique way. You deserve it. It will make you happy!

Grab your FREE Printable List of Simple Tips for Creative Living HERE!!!

I have created for you, a printable list of Simple Tips for Creative Living. Print it out and stick it on your wall for daily reminders and inspiration/a kick up the bum.

Embrace it!

Creativity has no expiration date so it's never too late to embark on a journey of self discovery and self expression. You can start right now! It is all a matter of habit and making it a part of your lifestyle. Creation is in our nature, whether you choose to embrace it or stifle it is up to you.

So go and create music, art, a garden, a doll, a ceramic pot, a delicious meal - whatever it is, put your authentic spin on it and own it. A life of creative discovery and expression brings a deeper understanding, a sense of individualism and, more often than not, pure bliss. Enjoy it. Get your printable list sent straight to your inbox! 

If you'd like to dive deeper and build the creative life of your dreams, then I have designed something just for you! In my signature, self-paced, online course, (re)Discover, I guide you through the process of cultivating your innate creative spark, as well as a life that supports it, in a way that is truly authentic and unique to you! Find out more about (re)Discover over here.

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