Ocean Essence - Intuitive Sea Inspired Paintings

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Ocean Essence 


These pieces were brewing for a while, percolating in the very soul of me. Yes I'm aware of how dramatic that sounds but it is the truth of it! I had no choice in the matter... they eventually had to burst out and translate onto paper.

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I was nervous about the translation part, considering it was an abstract language I hadn't spoken since my degree show (I studied Fine Art in college). But I blissfully found that they flowed freely, without hesitation. It was such an intuitive process, I rarely knew what was coming next! 

Actually, speaking of my earlier abstract college work, although the style is very different, I was surprised to see some similar symbols and mark making showing through. My Crawford buddies will probably remember the 'vessel' symbols pictured below. 

Emer O'Neill artist

The collection wouldn't have been possible without meditations and visualisations. This practice allowed me to put form and colour to the glimpses of light and shadow, moving shapes and textures. After all, how else can you transcribe the magic of thought and sensations?

Emer O'Neill artist

I sank into the glimmering depths to discover shadowy creatures, willowy plantlife, shimmery vessels and mystical orbs. Using genuine crushed crystal watercolours, shimmering inks and various other professional art materials, I worked intuitively and quickly to convey these images, my interpretation of the heart, soul and mysteries of the sea. The whole process felt like bliss and connection and wholeness. It was the purest of Flow states, for which I'm extremely grateful to have experienced. 

Browse the whole Ocean Essence collection over here! 

Emer O'Neill artist

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