Contemporary Irish Seascape - All Aglow

  • €150,00

Contemporary Irish Seascape - All Aglow is an acrylic & mixed media Irish Seascape. Inspired by walks along the Irish coastline.

Painted on 8x8*" 300gsm cold pressed watercolour paper, which has been mounted in a 12x12*" handmade frame. *approx measurements.

€150 + P&P

I use my contemporary Irish art to connect my sea loving customers to the power of the ocean. Be it a sense of freedom in the wild wind and thundering waves, or a moment of contemplation in the stillness of a soul cleansing sunrise. It is all about the energy I gather from the sea which I transfer, somewhat intuitively, to paper or canvas. These pieces are the closest I can get to sharing the essence of this simple seaside life with you. I invite you to immerse yourself in my painted experiences - Feel the salty breeze quieten your mind, let the sound of the lapping waves lift your spirits and welcome the joy of a stroll along the beach into your heart.


At Tidal Soul Studio, I use recyclable and biodegradable packaging when sending out your parcels. So each time you purchase a piece from Tidal Soul Studio, you can be assured that you are playing a part in protecting our planet. Together we can make a difference.