Hand Painted Pendant

  • €26,00

This Hand Painted Pendant was designed to connect you to the power of the sea. I know that so many people, like me, feel the call of the waves and the salty breeze in their soul. My aim is to bring a little slice of that bohemian ocean escape to my customers ♡


       WORLDWIDE P&P ONLY €3.00


- 1.2cm Seascape - Silver plated and glass setting

- Your choice of Sterling Silver or Silver Plated 18" snake chain

- Completely unique and one-of-a-kind! Your jewellery will come beautifully packaged and ready to gift. Everything is handcrafted in my home studio by the beach in the South of Ireland. 


I am passionate about the conservation of our oceans and marine life. And I know that you are too! At Tidal Soul Studio, I use recyclable and biodegradable packaging when sending out your parcels. I've ditched the plastic bubble wrap and have opted for eco friendly wood wool. So each time you purchase a piece from Tidal Soul Studio, you can be assured that you are playing a part in protecting our planet. Together we can make a difference.


Sea glass refers to pieces of glass that have broken down in the ocean and over many, many years, were gently polished by the sand and surf. I get absorbed in the mystery and the magic of it all! Often referred to as ‘Mermaid Tears’, glistening nuggets of gorgeous glass & pottery on the sand fill me with wonder and awe. What form did it first take? What was it used for? Who owned it? How did it end up in the sea? How far did it travel along the ocean floor to land on my local beach? They truly are jewels from the sea.


Although I create jewellery for mermaids, I would strongly recommend removing your Tidal Soul Studio pieces before swimming or washing, to avoid damage. Remember that your piece of Tidal Soul Studio jewellery is made with real glass and is delicate, so please take care while wearing it. Ideally store your piece in an airtight jewellery box when not being worn. Sometimes jewellery may tarnish due to moisture in the skin or air. Don’t worry, this will wash right off, but be sure to dry it THOROUGHLY afterwards.


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